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As part of Age UK Warwickshire a second monthly 'Dementia Cafe' is being launched at The Saxon Mill.
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Top stuff from Ben Clempson at the Zephyr. Smokey and articulate with a hint of danger.
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We've heard some worrying stories about local venues having to close because nearby properties have switched to residential use and then complained ...
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If you fancy playing the Godiva festival this year, you can take part in a competition to help the organisers pick some signed and unsigned local ...
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We enjoyed this subtle, folk-tinged live take on the Cyndi Lauper classic from Leamington's own Jackie James.
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{Thanks to Andy Holdcroft for this review}

The new temporary (until December 2016) exhibition at Coventry Music Museum is called "On ...
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SATURDAY 30-04-2016

The Intruders.

Jon and Jon.

The Sam Powell Blues Band.
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If we were a cool Silicon Valley start up, we'd tell you what was playing on the sunny penthouse jukebox as we sipped tequila while shuffling our ...
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Yes, he's got a fast car, not to mention a fine voice. So, take a listen to this haunting version of Tracy Chapman's classic tune.
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Here's a heads up for Leamington's GristFest, three days of local live music taking place at the Grist Mill over the May Bank holiday to raise money ...
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Kristy's been running a popular open mic for some time at the Open Arms in Coventry.
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Local blues master Jack Blackman will be hosting a new monthly music night at the Cross Keys Ancestor.
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On a dark, dark day, in a dark, dark wood is a tiny shelter. And in that cabin, with no microphones or heating, let alone a backing band, are a bunch ...
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So how come you get a slice of lime wedged in your bottle of Sol? The landlord at the Somerville knows why; in a hot climate the acid keeps the flies ...
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Matt was definitely the sharpest dressed man on the bandstand at this year's food and drink festival in Leamington.
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A fabulous night of blues rock from Zeppelin to Green via Lizzy. These guys have a rock solid stomping rhythm section, searing guitar, rootsy ...
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A cracking set of authentic blues on a sunny afternoon in Leamington's lovely Jephson gardens.
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Shanade Morrow stood in at short notice with a fine acoustic session..
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We love these guys, quirky, stylish and authentic..
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A lively set on a sunny afternoon with some elegant vocals and fiery guitar work.
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