About Hot Music Live

Who are we are

We are a bunch of Midlands musos, passionate about our vibrant local scene for live music.

Some of us are musicians, others are super-fans. Some work with code, others with words, video, photography, sound and light.

And all of us are volunteers, keen to give something back to a scene that's an important part of our lives.

Meet the core team

Al Moores: Founder, evil genius and technical wizard behind the (now defunct) gig guide. Also lead guitar for the rocky Last Minute and Bowie tribute Loving The Alien.

Andy Holdcroft: Intrepid reporter of local gigs with deep roots in the Coventry's rich musical legacy. Also active in the Coventry Music Museum and Alternative Sounds.

Paul Englefield: Designer and editor of the magazine and occasional shutterbug. Moonlights as swing guitarist with Kate and the Mooncats.

What we cover

We currently cover acts, venues, gigs and services in Warwickshire and the areas around Coventry and Solihull.

We cover all styles of music from shred to swing, venues from corner bars to concert halls and formats from open mic nights to festivals.

We're not a musicians-wanted site. Sites like Join my band and Bandmix do a pretty good job and adding yet another site would just add to the hassle of forming new bands.

What we're trying to do

Like most musicians, we want to get to people off the sofa and out to a great night out at the brilliant pubs, bars and arts centres who put on gigs for local talent. Of course, bigger crowds also means fuller bars selling more beer and willing to host more events.

You've also told us, over a beer or two, that the scene is not just about musicians. Live music depends on a community of venues, promoters managers, rehearsal rooms and music teachers.

It also needs the technical talents of people who understand live sound, stage lighting, video, photography and design.

Of course, many of you are great networkers, but hopefully we can help you make a few more useful connections.

How we work

Hot music live is a not-for-profit social venture run by volunteers.

We don't charge to 'feature' your stories, we don't sell on our user list to spammers and we respect your copyright. We may feature a few relevant ads to help cover our running costs such as monthly server fees.

How you can help

We're looking for more volunteers to review gigs, do interviews and create photo galleries.

Nope, there's no money in it but if you're a musician you'll be used to that. On the other hand it's a great opportunity to work together to develop the thriving community we all depend on.