Hot Music Live privacy policy

What you can expect from us


  • We will only send you emails that are genuinely related to the local music scene and your use of Hot Music Live.

Personal information

  • We will not disclose your email address or personal information to others.


  • We may show a few relevant advertisements to help cover our overheads in running Hot Music Live. We will make sure that these ads are unintrusive and likely to be relevant to people involved in the local music scene.
  • We won't use any information you have shared with us to 'target' advertisements to you.

Intellectual property rights

  • We will not claim to own the copyright on articles or photographs you submit.
  • We will only use articles and photographs you have submitted for the purpose of providing content for the web pages and news feeds provided by Hot Music Live.
  • We will always display your user name as a byline for any articles you submit.
  • We will always display any name and licensing conditions you provide for photographs you submit.


  • We will attempt to give equal coverage to all styles of music.
  • We will not give any special treatment to acts we are involved in.
  • We will not give any special treatment to services or venues in which we have a commercial interest.

What we expect from you

Intellectual property rights

  • You will own the rights to any articles and photographs you submit.
  • You will give us permission to display your articles and photographs on the Hot Music Live web site and news feeds.

Community guidelines

  • You will follow our community guidelines for writing and photography. These include guidelines on relevance, '-isms', quality and length.