Album review: Oh, silly me by BiiJ

Album review: Oh, silly me by BiiJ


A women gently chides herself for a missed opportunity. A devil in disguise turns out be a friend worth cultivating. A frog strolls into the bell of a saxophone. Just three tales from a stylish set of contemporary jazz ballads from a BiiJ (But is it Jazz). This informal local collective of musicians and singers uses contemporary jazz and latin sounds as a framework to tell richly-textured stories of delight, surprise and regret. As band leader Thomas Ray Hinks, describes it, "British charm meets American Smooth. New UK jazz outfit performing new original vocal led jazz songs reminiscent of 1930's 40's, and 50's show tunes but with a fresh modern sound."

The lyrics are mature and sophisticated while the mood is light, elegant and playful. The melodies, while always in the service of the lyrics, are quirky and filled with rhythmic and harmonic interest. The arrangements are notably refined and uncluttered with some interesting textures and dynamics. Individual contributions on sax, piano and flute are concise, focused and principled.

Think of this as songs from the shows, shows that never were but might have been in another world.

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