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Tony Collins has contributed 265 photographs to Hot Music Live.

Tony Collins has taken photographs of the following acts:

  • A Different Thread: Katrin Leoni
  • Abz Winter
  • Amber Falconer and her Talented Friends
  • Bernard Hoskin, Kellimarie, Rachel Louise
  • Beth Dyson
  • Bethany Dyson
  • Bianca-Jade
  • Big Help Music
  • Bob Wilkinson
  • Charlie B
  • Chris and Hanna Tobin
  • Daisybell
  • Daria Kulesh
  • Daria Kulesh, Minnie Birch, Lilo's Wall
  • Ed Donovan And His Wandering Moles
  • Elan Marie O'Callaghan
  • Elan Marie O'callaghan
  • Elizabeth Cornish
  • Ffion Rebecca
  • Ffion Rebecca, Bethia Mitchell, Megan Kelsey
  • Five Star Theatre
  • Fred's House
  • Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage: Kitty Macfarlane
  • Henry's Rhythm and Blues Band
  • Jack Blackman
  • Jonny Dyer
  • Kara + Support
  • Kate and the Mooncats
  • Kellimarie,Emily Burnie, Tazmin Barnes, Brooke Layla
  • Kieran Taylour
  • Lorna Dea
  • MESA, Campbell & Jan, John Zetterstrom
  • Mark Nevin, Michele Stodart
  • Mesa
  • Nicky Dawn Stewart
  • Nicky Stewart
  • Nunc
  • Rack 'n Ruin Band
  • Rack and Ruin Ceilidh Band
  • Ree Reesby
  • Rheo Elyse Parnell
  • Roz Bruce
  • Saloni Boyina
  • Tazmin Barnes
  • The Invisible Friends Choir
  • The Music Council
  • The Peas
  • The audience
  • Theo
  • Threaded
  • Three youngsters
  • Tierra Buena Jazz Band
  • Trinity Trappett
  • Trninity Trappett
  • Various Artists
  • Willow & Toll Band
  • Wilson Wright
  • Zoe Wren

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After several months of being off the scene for health reasons, my wife and I were lured out on Friday 25th January at the prospect of a new band ...

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A superb night was had by one and all at The Ansty on Monday 22nd October. Tierra Buena is a band that has been together since I was a lad, (I am ...

 [2 images]

Live music lives in our area!


Two captivating, yet very different concerts are coming up in the next few days, not many miles ...

 [1 image]

I have been attending the Big Help Music Showcases on and off for a number of years now, but the event at The Fusilier on 20th July 2018 was ...

 [9 images]

The plethora of summer music festivals that take place around the world offer music lovers many opportunities to see top-flight and established ...

 [11 images]

Elizabeth Cornish at the Tool Shed.


What do you do if you take over an ailing, out of the way cafe, with no street presence, but ...

 [5 images]

Michael McEntee knows how to pick 'em and his bill for one of his twice monthly "comfy and acoustic" sessions illustrated his talent in this ...

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Daria Kulesh accompanied by Jonny Dyer is currently on tour publicising both her "Spring Delights" EP and the fact that a third full album is in ...

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Ansty is a village and civil parish in Warwickshire and  was part of the County of the City of Coventry until that county was dissolved in 1842.

 [10 images]

In 2008, a young man with a passion for theatre started his own acting project, although he had produced and directed a play at school when he was ...

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Lorna Dea has taken over hosting the Big Help Music Showcases at The Fusilier In Leamington and The Bear in Rugby.

 [8 images]

The Jolly Abbot, in the Abbotts Farm area of Rugby is a pub that is going through a renaissance and rebuilding it's reputation after a low period, ...

 [7 images]

Willow & Tool's Music Parlour

What a delight was in store for visitors to the Music Parlour on Sunday 4th February Top of the bill, was ...

 [12 images]

At first glance Willow and Tool's Music Parlour is a typical back of the pub Folk Club.

 [4 images]

You know how it is when plan A falls apart you have to look for a plan B. This was the case for me on Friday 5th January 2018.

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The first of the autumn 2017 series of the Big Help Music showcases at the Bear Pub in Rugby was held on September 1st.

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New Residency for Rack and Ruin.


The long established Rack and Ruin Ceilidh Band has announced a new residency for the autumn.

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Ed Donovan and the Wandering Moles.


The first Folk On The Water "after festival" concert took place at Newbold Chapel on Friday ...

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14 years at the Tump

There are not too many folk clubs that can boast fourteen years of continuous existence having met every week since ...
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Folk On The Water Music Festival

The mid term night of this travelling music festival was held at the Cape of Good Hope pub in Warwick.
 [7 images]
Folk at Newbold Chapel.

A Different Thread really are different. The mixture of guitars, harmonica, violin and cello might not strike ...
 [9 images]
Daisybell CD launch 20th April 2017

Attracting attention to the launch of your CD is a problem that everyone who produces such a thing ...
 [8 images]
A great night at the Great Knight

As Ray Davies said at the 2017 Radio 2 Folk Music awards in the amazing atmosphere in the grand Royal ...
 [5 images]
MESA at Willow and Tool's Music Parlour.

Formed out of the Delta Blues Band when they found the music style had widened to encompass ...
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Not so much of concert, more like having a few friends round to sing a song or two and exchange anecdotes.
 [2 images]
Fourteen year old Coventry girl Kellimarie Willis releases her debut EP on 31st March.
 [11 images]
It is twenty seven years since Mark Nevin was a member of Fairground Attraction along with Eddi Reader.
 [9 images]
Folk on the Water's second monthly evening concert of 2017 had a superb collection of artists to entertain us.
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Daria Kulesh at the Big Comfy Bookshop

A concert in which Daria Kulesh appears is no ordinary gig.
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Tazmin Barnes releases her Debut EP.

How busy do you reckon is the average fourteen year old? Whatever answer you come up with, I think ...
 [3 images]
Kate & the Mooncats at Churchover. Saturday 4th February

The Churchover Community Centre is in the heart of the village just off ...
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Willow And Tool's Music Parlour 8th January 2017.

The first monthly "Music Parlour" of the new year was held at the usual venue, the ...
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Acoustic Session at the Chapel

The second of what is now to be the norm, i.
 [6 images]
Rheo has a big day.

2nd December 2016 is likely to remain in the memory of Rheo Elyse Parnell for some time.
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Michael McEntee puts on some really excellent concerts at his Big Comfy Bookshop in Fargo Village along Far Gosford Street in Coventry.
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There was something of an experiment for Folk on the Water tonight at the lovely Chapel at Newbold venue on 11th November.
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MK11 Music Venue and Sports Bar is a converted barn on a farm now engulfed by the all encompassing Milton Keynes.
 [5 images]
"We are the UK's leading brand for artist development." So states Dutch Van Spall, Director of Artist Development.
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What a bumper night the second Big Help Music showcase at the Boat Inn Birdingbury Wharf turned out to be.
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