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  • Ellie Gowers
  • Russell Whitehead
  • The Mechanicals Band
  • The Silver Wye
  • Wes Finch

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If you are an admirer of the visual artistry of Russell Whitehead or the musical artistry of Wes Finch, or indeed of both as I am, then I'm sure ...

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Very slightly more than twelve months ago I reported to you on Wes Finch's Leap Year gig: a special event to mark the four yearly occasion & to ...

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The Silver Wye, like any great river, rolls majestically on, picking up speed in the release of its songs.

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I'm sorry but I'm afraid I'm going to have to instil a touch of déjà vu in you.

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One of the final formal gigs I shall attend in 2019 was also one of the best: the highest possible levels of musicianship but even more ...

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Last November, in "Hot Music Live", I reviewed a song called "Pick Me Up" by an entity calling itself The Silver Wye.

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