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I can't say that I'm surprised by the release of "Waking Up To Stone" as a single today by Ellie Gowers: it's the fourth of her ‘Dwelling By The ...

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And so at long last I am able to review Ellie Gower's new album ‘Dwelling By The Weir' which is released today for you.

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The final preview single from her album ‘Dwelling By The Weir' which will be out on September 30th after much expectation, is "Ribbon Weaver" ...

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Out today is another new Ellie Gowers single from her forthcoming ‘Dwelling By The Weir' album which you can savour in full in a couple of ...

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What a joy to tell of you of the release today of the new Ellie Gowers single: "Brightest Moon", itself one of the tracks on her new album ...

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