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  • Generation Jones + Wes Finch + Chris Tye
  • Reef
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  • Son of Town Hall
  • The Commonjets
  • The Last Minute

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100% APE Promotions put on some great shows at amazingly low prices. This night, at The Zephyr Lounge, we were getting no less than five bands ...

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Continued from "Wrongmass (part 1 of 2)".

It was now time for Satsangi. The audience, now at its peak, was ready for action! Su, with her ...

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(Continued from "Desert Mountain Tribe at The Assembly, 8/12/2016".)

OK, who remembers Reef appearing on TFI back in the mid 90’s? I ...

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There was no hanging about tonight, no sooner than back from the day job, I was off out again: The Assembly were squeezing in 2 bands before a ...

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The end of July in Warwick means only one thing, The Folk Festival, right? Wrong! The Smith Street Traders have been putting on The Smith Street ...
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Three top acts at a top venue, The Tin Music and Arts, made it easy to justify going out on a work night.
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Thursday 28th April 2016, five bands gathered at The Zephyr Lounge to take part in a competition event for a winner-takes-all prize opportunity to ...

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I recall, 6-7 years ago, when my band used to rehearse in the Park Tavern's skittle alley.
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