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"Lust For Blood" by Luna Kiss


Out now from Luna Kiss is their new single "Lust For Blood", the follow up to the excellent "Operate".

In fact "follow up" perhaps has rarely been so apposite as the song seems to take the surgical theme of its predecessor & run with it into much more explicit & gory territory: not merely medical but criminal, military & other areas where the desire to draw blood for beneficial & malevolent reasons can be found. However mixed into all those analogies, there is actually (I think) a love story lurking: one in which the lovelorn protagonist is using the most vivid of language in order to try & express his anguish.

It's hard to say that the single is close to the hearts of the band without wincing given the imagery in the single, but it is something they've worked hard on for over a year, determined to stay positive & creative while unable to gig.

Coming close to Massasauga in content & style at times, "Lust For Blood" certainly plays to the band's considerable strengths (I bet they are itching to play it live) and roars and fizzes along with the characteristic surges of energy as each element in the sound is given its own showcase in the arrangement, with dynamic shifts from punkish fury to more intimate passages, accompanied as always by Luna Kiss' skill at riffing memorably on every instrument.

If you want to get a pretty graphic (in every sense) feel for the song, why not check out the animated video which accompanies it. In fact so committed were they to the project that guitarist Chris actually acquired the skills of animation himself in order to create it:

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