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  • Boperator Boogie band
  • Doug Armstrong
  • Jack Blackman
  • Nigel Clarke
  • Rachel Reynolds
  • Room 17
  • Rosa Francesca
  • Stratford Jazz Jam
  • Stratford Link Project
  • The Lounge Club
  • The SKAlectrics
  • Wes Finch

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Doug Armstrong tells me firmly that he's the not a musician. Those who know and work with him however know that's he's been ...

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Dionne is a musician in demand, she's in two busy bands and regularly participates in Stratford's Jazz Jams as we'll as working  for Live and ...

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It was great to check in with lead vocalist of Room 17,  Rachel Reynolds. Our kids went to school together and we started performing around the ...

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Rosa is a musician who has taken a really exciting path using technology. Her music forms part of a wider performing arts experience these days.

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