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Mostly Autumn live always give value for money but this show (along with two others on the tour) gave even more as they performed two full sets, the first a complete performance of their latest studio album Sight Of Day the second full of Autumn classics and a couple of surprises.
With the band being a seven piece and all masters at their chosen instrument the sound they produce is really something to behold, Bryan Josh is one of the finest rock guitarists in the land while his now wife Olivia has such stunning vocal ability, add the keyboard wizardry of Iain Jennings the flute etc magic of Angela Gordon, the second guitar and vocals of Chris Johnson and the solid rhythm section of Andy Smith and Alex Cromarty and you have yourself some band.
With the back screen projections put to good use the new album run through opened with the grandiose epic that is ‘Sight Of Day' and this title track is a wonderfully uplifting number just bristling with positive energy and also makes fine use of that light and shade the band are so renowned for.
Delicate ballad ‘The Man Without A Name' had a stunning, crystal clear lead vocal by Olivia, and the Chris Johnson penned (also with Chris on lead vocals) ‘Changing Lives' had a charging, slightly modern indie rock feel.
Other highlights from this first set of the evening included the band showing their Celtic side on rocker ‘Only The Brave' with its wonderful chorus and the emotional closing numbers firstly the atmospheric ballad ‘Raindown' and finally the sublime and soaring (and once again totally uplifting) ‘Forever And Beyond' which featured Bryan and Olivia in perfect vocal harmony.
Also loved in this first set how Mr Josh coped with such good humour with a guitar strap malfunction even saying he may have to sit down and play.
After a short break it was time for the classics set and to open it was back in time to album No. 1 (For All We Shared) with Chris (acoustic guitar) and Angela (flute) taking to the stage for the opening of the Lord of the Rings inspired instrumental ‘Out Of The Inn' before the rest of the band joined in on the action and it turned into an out and out rocker.
This set also included a roaring ‘In For The Bite' one of the standouts from Bryan's 2016 Josh and Co concept album Transylvania Part 1- The Count Demands It and also from a concept album (2014's Dressed In Voices) the flowing folk rock feel of ‘Skin on Skin'.
One particularly impressive section included three stone cold classics in a row starting with two out and out epics ‘Evergreen' with Bryan acing that legendary solo and a majestic ‘Mother Nature' its beautiful keyboard work just one of the many highlights and a fabulously spiritual ‘Passengers'.
Other highlights included Olivia once again shining on beautiful ballad ‘Silhouettes of Stolen Ghosts' and a second lead vocal of the night by Chris on a sparkling (sorry!) 'Silver Glass' and of course the usual heartfelt performance of ‘Heroes Never Die' with yet another stunning Bryan Josh solo.
A wonderful night and another fantastic show by for me one of the best live bands around and hopefully they will pay the town a visit in 2018.

Andrew Lock


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