"Black Sheep" by Tattoo Molly

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"Black Sheep" by Tattoo Molly


I'm pleased to enable heavy rock band Tattoo Molly to make their first appearance in the magazine to mark the release of their third single, "Black Sheep". Since they've already had those two previous singles plus a live album (‘The Budget Album'), it's high time they did: certainly before their debut studio album, ‘Power' comes out on November 10th.

Formed in 2021, the lineup comprises James Pilling on guitar, Sam Wise (vocalist), Dan O'Brien (bass guitar) and Adam Gostick  on drums and they've set their stall out "to have as much fun with as many people as possible, bigger crowds, bigger stages and bigger riffs".

Not that any focus on fun means that they put self indulgence before their craft as they also "….pride ourselves on our hardworking ethic…"

This shows: as I've been banging on about for some months now (and I got my chance to repeat it on BBC CWR last evening), there is a renaissance in rock music in the local scene. This has several beneficial effects. Although clearly the bands in question support each other (and lord knows that has not always been the case), the bar raising must inspire them all to at least keep up with the ever rising standards we're seeing these days.

Tattoo Molly seem to agree with the other excellent groups working in this field that certain lax habits need avoiding: none of them cover up lack of imagination by incoherent waves of loud content: each element needs working out properly and then presenting so it can be discerned: things might be loud on "Black Sheep" but they can be discerned. Totally missing are those annoying elements which tend to bedevil rock such acrobatic vocal showboating to distract from  weak lyrics or overlong guitar solos to compensate for not having thought up different sections and distorted to cover up paucity of ideas.

This is another punchy, to the point song with a spare, efficient & well considered production where what Tattoo Molly want you to hear: you get to hear. Thrillingly aggressive without picking on anyone, this roars along with a swagger (yet another thing you never got with mediocre generic rock): you can hear plenty of that American proto-punk attitude in there (greatly to my taste): and that seems to be in favour round here at the moment: The Rollocks are another band drinking from that fountain. That the band aim for stage presence is commendable: it must be a lot easier to achieve with songs like this one.

"Black Sheep" is easily acquired through this link: www.tattoomollyband.co.uk/shop

If you look at the poster they have for it, that features the text: "S.O.P.H.I.E.   Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere". This reference to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation alone tells you that these are the good guys and earns my respect almost regardless of the quality of their music: and of course the song celebrates the outsiderism within us all. All proceeds of "Black Sheep" go to the Foundation which makes it even more commendable to buy a copy.

Looking forwards to the album coming out, Tattoo Molly have a launch gig at Square One in Coventry, supported by ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Ten' featured artists The Rollocks and Strip Search Tramp on November 11th.

You can get your tickets for that via this link:


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