Chantel Mcgregor - Temperance, Leamington Spa 6/10/22

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Chantel Mcgregor - Temperance, Leamington Spa 6/10/22


What a fab evening as one of my favourite performers returned to Leamington, this was only my second visit to the wonderful Temperance music venue and as Chantel herself mentioned from the stage "it felt like playing a gig in your lounge", so intimate with a fantastic vibe, a receptive audience (a full house nice and intimate at 50 people) with more fans watching the screens upstairs in the main cafe part of the building.
Since my last visit things have changed a little with added to the lovely coffee/teas and cakes on offer they now have a fridge of local beers and craft ales available, I had a couple of cans from the Twisted Barrel brewery in Coventry which were delightful.
While only my second visit to the venue this will be my 5th Chantel gig and this is my favourite so far, her top-draw rhythm section (poor bassist such a tall fella he banged his head on the overhead lights) provided a terrific backbone to her stunning guitar work and beautiful vocals, the rockers exploded into life including set opener ‘Lose Control' with its hint of Jimi Hendrix while ‘Killing Time' with its knockout riff and power packed drumming was a another rocking gem.
She commented on how challenging it was to play "quietly" especially on her amazing solos but for me it was absolutely fine and the sound in general was spot on.
A special mention for ‘Eternal Dream' her moving tribute to Jeff Buckley with its slightly Eastern feel such a lovely, haunting number with a wonderful vocal performance.
For her solo spot before the break we were treated to a masterclass on acoustic guitar which included a breathtaking ‘Anaesthetise', a superb cover of Metallica's ‘Nothing Else Matters' and on asking for suggestions my requested version of Fleetwood Macs ‘Rhiannon' (thanks Chantel and really sorry for asking for a cover but it is simply gorgeous and I must play your version as often as the original).
The second half highlights included with yet another knockout guitar riff ‘Fabulous' a pumped up ‘Take the Power' and her showpiece instrumental ‘April' with it's increasingly soaring solos.
Fantastic set, Chantel with her usual modest charm throughout (I am not the only one to say this but a little like Kate Rusby in that aspect) played a blinder as did her band, great venue and audience response, but I did manage to made a fool of myself as the bench tipped over with me in full flight when a buddy of mine stood up from the other end at the interval (trust me I was like a turtle on its back - absolutely helpless!!!)
Great to have a chat and a catch with her up after the show and she is back to the venue in January, Temperance seems to have a lot going for it on the music side with live music several days a week, the start of their own record label, a comfortable all seated music room with a warm atmosphere, a real music lover in the manager Adrian along with his friendly staff .
Hope to be back soon.

Andrew Lock

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