'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Six'

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'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Six'


Today saw the release of "Hot Music Live Presents Volume Six", the follow up to the previous five albums in the series: another free download album of the best of Coventry & Warwickshire music compiled by "Hot Music Live".

The aim of the project remains to encourage fans of each artist to download the album, enjoy the music, discover artists they might not previously have encountered & ultimately to share the album so that the wonderful creativity & diversity of Coventry & Warwickshire music becomes known to wider audiences, boosting the profile of the individual artists.

With Volume Six, as with its immediate predecessors, we are acutely aware that most local artists have lost their live gig opportunities for many months & hence vital income: this initiative therefore helps keep the profile of those on it high while offering their fans the pleasure of hearing their music, much of which is only available exclusively on the album.

Please do check out the album, download it, share it will everyone you think might be interested and if you enjoy the work of an artist whom you may not previously have heard, explore their other work: hopefully buying some tracks and catching them live when possible.

 "Hot Music Live Presents Volume Six" is available for free download from this link:



The full tracklisting for ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Six' is: 

"LOUD" by Electrik Custard featuring Mina Minné

"All I Do (Dream of You" by YNES

"Inflamed" by Dean MacDonald

"Amy, You Wasted That Spark" by Nicky Ager

"Christmas in July" by Gemma Leahy

"Angel of Anarchy" by The Boy Who Invented Everything

"Freiston Shore" by The Sunbathers

"Room For One More" by Holly and the Hounds

"Oops (Acoustic)" by Ivy Ash

"Cold Strange World" by Brudez

"Addiction" by Aaron Woodhouse

"Blackberry Blossom" by Tile Hill Billy

"Drunken Sailor" by Firedaze

"I Don't Wanna" by Electric Blue

"Magic" by Jackie James

"All I Wanna Do" by Dave Pepper

"Auriga" by MINTAKAA

"Bad Faith" by Clarkwell Rivers



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