"Look" by Free Galaxy

"Look" by Free Galaxy


It's been a little while (I think we might guess why) since I last reviewed Free Galaxy  (whose "Leave Me" appears  on ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Two'): in fact it was for their acoustic rendition of    "Everlasting" last December, but the good news is that they are back now (today as it happens)  with "Look".

You couldn't really wish for a greater sonic contrast with that last track: this is right back to amplified & processed (with a touch of tasteful distortion) with that sort of mixture of (popular) melodic sensibility & adrenaline inducing surge that say the Arctic Monkeys are renowned for. Vocals snarl (though they harmonise too!), drums & cymbals hurtle through the piece & just to keep you on your toes, every so often tersely economic guitar jabs slice through.

Probably best heard live when they can let go any volume inhibitions & people can hurl themselves about at will, it still thrills even in the context of this reviewer listening on Spotify & having some respect for his locked down neighbours. This song makes you take notice of itself.

 Ciaran O'Sullivan, Luke Osmond, Harry Rogers and Callum Ward are another of those bands who could well have looked forwards to 2020 as a year to continue building momentum on the back of a growing fanbase & critical reputation: that it could not follow that path closely is a sadness & no doubt great frustration to them (I'm sure much of that comes through in the vibe of "Look"). However it seems like they are not taking it lying down & I'm delighted that they are fighting back with a song this good & a positive attitude. I'd hope gigs will come their way in the Spring & they can pick up where they left off & get their just deserts: this band have a genuinely bright future ahead of them.

Check out the video for "Look" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rb7V7nBTiw

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