"BB33" by Orange River Remedy

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"BB33" by Orange River Remedy


Out today is a new single called "BB33": their first since their debut "Rollin' On" came out eighteen months ago (it can also be found on ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Nine') from Orange River Remedy.

These guys are well up there with bands I love to catch & hear (and have been for many years under different names) & if appearances in the magazine do not reflect this, it's because I don't get to as many of their gigs as I'd like & because they seem perfectionist in releasing their always top notch originals.

I say "they" as it's Rikki & Tyron Hansel whom I've been enjoying so long, but I wouldn't want to omit the name of drummer Lottie Pennington with whom they form Orange River Remedy & is a key ingredient which sets their sound away from previous bands. Nor can I leave out very special mentions to people not previously mentioned in Orange River Remedy articles. One is Dylan Hansel who was playing with his brothers when I first encountered them: as another cousin of Brad's, he's joined in the tribute and guested here on lead guitar. Next is Rebecca Hallworth who is a new member of the band and is responsibly for those prominent groovy keyboards. Finally there is Tim Walker who provided the background instrumentation and provided his production & mastering skills. 

However "BB33" is quite a Hansel orientated song as it is in honour of their cousin Brad Binder. Now he's a valid subject for a song simply from being a member of their family, but he's especially suitable for celebrating as he has an international reputation as a MotoGP sportsman.

If like me, he's not on your radar then that's motorcycling and Brad has risen through the international grades being World Champion at the level three and now races at the highest level, being the only South African rider ever to win a race at that standard.

So you could easily see why Rikki & Tyron wanted to laud him in song, but equally you could note that Brad has two very talented cousins himself.

All the artists I write about clearly enjoy playing music (that's why I write about those ones) but I doubt if any exceed the pleasure Orange River Remedy demonstrably achieve: just watch them live. That probably accounts for why instead of going for a tone of reverence it's, as Rikki told me "a bit of a comedic song we've written" which sits right for the family context. He also tells me that this accounts for the deliberately stronger South African accents they use.

As previously noted, they are music fans too with a deep knowledge of material from previous eras, but most noticeably (as far as what they play indicates), the late 1960s, early 1970s.

You are not going to be surprised to hear me praise "BB33": the article has been pointing in that direction hasn't it. You should love it. The backing is, as I say, as groovy as you can imagine with that prominent classic organ counterpointing lyrics which as advertised are delivered with a certain amount of tongues in cheek but also with love & as far as I can see, enough truth to show great respect for his undoubted skills & courage.

These people love music for sure & they want both to communicate that to you and persuade you to do the same. They also love Brad. On top of that, they have the skills to weave all those agendas into one top effervescent tune.

You probably don't know Brad personally. You may not be a motorcycle racing enthusiast. But that's not important. "BB33" is a ball of delight which will lift you regardless of context or content.

Since the proceeds from it are all going towards building their recording studio, why not show your appreciation accordingly so they can make yet more fine songs for your pleasure?

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