‘Kreuzberg' by Louis B Scheuer

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‘Kreuzberg' by Louis B Scheuer


Out right now (at the very generous "pay as you see fit/can afford" rate on Bandcamp) is the "biblically anticipated" sophomore EP ‘Kreuzberg' by Louis B Scheuer whose "Faces of Death" was featured on ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Twelve'.

Featuring the tracks "Shame", "Big Boy", "Just Dreamin'", "Psychedelic Dream" and "Kreuzberg" itself, "Big Boy" is a Viagra Boys cover and "Just Dreamin'" is by Jake Borgemenke, otherwise, the songs are original compositions.

The title track refers to an area of Berlin so on top of your existing expectations of the artist, it's not at all surprising to find a strong sense of diversity & sonic experimentation, both hallmarks of that cosmopolitan & cutting-edge city culture.

I'll reproduce the stated lineup precisely as it was publicised since band pseudonyms as well as the instruments they perform with are key indicators of what you can expect:

Louis- Vox, Piano, Guitars
Ben - Backing Vox ("Shame")
Vercingetorex - Bass VI
Shame Ghosts - Backing vox, shrieks & pleas
Sahir Abdul Al-Hazred Ma'arij - Holy Tamb of Sarabh, the Dome Drum, Wealth & Finery
Worms - Drum Programming, Samples, Drones, Tanpura, Incantations
Deluxe Tenebras - Melodica, Lead guitar
Moooooooooooorr - Harmonium, Accordion, Chants of Peace & Exodus, Lead guitar ("Just Dreamin'") 
Gentle Sister of the Fallen Cry - Rosary beads, mixing & mastering

I defy you to find too many credit lists like that.

With music this idiosyncratic, getting the artist's take it on it is especially useful and this is it: "27 mins of psychey pikey fun …. and lotsa love and hate and everything in between"

So there you have the ingredients & some guidelines. The music is ultimately a subjective matter: I personally liked it a lot, but accept that if the mainstream is your thing with a diet of songs you already know and which appear in "acceptable" forms, then ‘Kreuzberg' may well not just confuse you but scare you. I'd just pose the question though as to whether shaking assumptions and forcing reassessments is not in fact a good idea, despite any temporary trauma during the process and that fear of music can dissipate once you engage with it….

This is thoughtful & thought-provoking music but it's not at all intimidatory: it welcomes you to embrace new ideas & forms and despite any notions which attach to the avant garde, this is based on the excellent musicianship of Louis and team. There are plenty of acoustic guitars on there so if you fancy processing some of the songs as twisted forms of pop, then you can do it that way. The prevailing mood is the love element with the other emotions deployed against reasonable targets.

Open your ears & your minds and give it a spin: what on earth have you to lose with a half an hour's musical adventure?

Louis also puts together the "No Peace" gigs and the next one of those is on Saturday 6th July at the Fusilier in Leamington at 1800, featuring Grail Guard, Informal Complaint, Black Tape, Rubber Husband and Ed Creyton.

I really hope people can support this venture: in an area where any sort of originals artist gets far fewer live opportunities than covers ones, "No Peace" specialise in the more extreme acts who are marginalised from most promotions & otherwise would not get the hearing that their talents & commitment deserve.

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