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Introducing Vertigo Flowers


It's great to be really getting into reporting on the next generation of emerging bands in the local area: artistic quality is always welcome but keeping a thriving scene sustained is another thing altogether: long term observers will know all too well how golden eras (we are definitely currently in one after a trough) can dwindle.

After enthusing about Project Overload, today my focus is upon Vertigo Flowers: and apart from the youth and obvious enthusiasm, the two bands are very distinct. Which is itself is applaudable as surely one of the pillars of sustainability is diversity. Too many boom eras have more been characterised by the success of highly individual artists whose effect has then evolved from influence to emulation over others to rapidly diminishing returns of soundalikes.

Their 'DEMO 2024' came out a few days since and initially I was cautious over reviewing it: picking apart a demo by any novice band can potentially be the opposite of encouraging & supporting.

Fortunately, I gather that despite its title, it's not a demo.

Recorded at Otterhead Studios in Rugby, (it's been mixed by Ellis 'The Power' Powell-Bevan and mastered by Anthony Chapman) it's a "proper" release and consists of the tracks "Intro", "Commonplace" and "Headstone".

The band it itself is comprised of Matt (bass), Sammie (guitar and vocals), Oli (guitar and vocals) and George (drums).

 They identify as "heavy shoegaze", which listening to them makes sense, and cite as influences & hence possible signposts to their music, Fleshwater, HUM and Narrow Head.

The songs are admirably idiosyncratic: you have to applaud their confidence in going the way they want to go & not compromising. The short and to the point instrumental "Intro" understandably opens the brief collection (it's brevity I think concentrates the attention sensibly and as an initial calling card for what they have to offer, does a fine job) and if it is intended to evoke a swarm of angry bees on the attack, it works well.

 "Commonplace" builds on the previous tightly focused racket and descends into a heavy groove in which the vocals are interestingly far more deeply embedded than any mix I can readily bring to mind: again more courage in doing it their way and creating a unique sound.

 Both these are accessible to those with minds open to the new, but closer "Headstone" is probably the most obvious mass entry point to Vertigo Flowers and the track on the EP most likely to get picked for playlists. Even more violent than the other two, the vocals fight their way nearer to the surface and arguably narrow the gap between what people might have heard before & this band's approach.

 They certainly sound confident in both their own writing & performing and the road they're taking. I gather that they've played around six live shows to date (including supporting The Telescopes at The Tin for Sink or Swim Promotions last autumn) so presumably are gaining on stage experience. They must be quite impressive live judging by the EP so I look forwards to experiencing them for myself.

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