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Clemency at BRUBL Brewery


As you will know, I always greatly enjoy the music of Clemency and usually preface my reviews with an element of regret over the period of time which had elapsed since last I saw them. Therefore catching them live (regrettably I could only stay for one set) at Leamington's BRUBL Brewery was a significant pleasure.

Hats off first to BRUBL for adding a much needed extra new venue to what is available & especially for favouring original artists over the covers acts which most bars go for. To have the discernment to invite Clemency is particularly commendable given that, as I discussed with fellow Clemency fan Rebecca Mileham, they may be considered as one of Warwickshire music's best kept secrets.

What was evident was the number of as yet unreleased songs Nina Bailey and Ben Clempson have: one must hope that they come out whenever possible: they are excellent.  Quite a few have long been in the set by now & had audibly evolved in their arrangements & performances. The latter were as spellbinding as ever: despite the modest disclaimers of not having had much time in their busy lives to practice: certainly the audience, most of whom I imagine had not had the pleasure of hearing them previously, responded enthusiastically.

As Clemency are such a rare & precious commodity, I'd urge checking them out whenever an opportunity presents itself. That's what I do.

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