"Rollin' With It" by John Connearn

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"Rollin' With It" by John Connearn


I have to confess that reviewing releases by John Connearn are among the most challenging for me.

It's not through lack of respect for his talent or imagination: quite the reverse in fact. So rarified are his guitar skills that not only is he a highly sought after session player & tutor but they far exceed my technical comprehension let alone vocabulary.

For those of you eager to experience what he can do, all I can really do is direct you towards his new single "Rollin' With It" in the expectation that you probably understand what he is doing better than I do, leaving me standing here in frank, if insufficiently informed admiration. Less of a review and more of a recommendation.

In trying to articulate to me what he's up to in terms I'm capable of processing, John came up with "it's my digital guitary new electronic sounding phase" which makes sense to me, especially when playing said track which is clearly more highly processed through whatever equipment he's got (I'm guessing high end & plenty of it) though his fingers (thankfully as far as I'm concerned) are still in the game of making melodic lines, even if they tend to be challenging to follow let alone predict. Which is intended as praise.

That's probably as far as I dare go without saying something which will get guitarists laughing, so over to you to "make of it what you will",  which is precisely how John left It with me.

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