The ‘Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime' EP by Green Hands

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The ‘Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime' EP by Green Hands


Out today is the much anticipated new EP from Green Hands, whose title is (as hopefully you were already aware) ‘Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime' and it arrives via Leamington's Stingo Collective as always.

Following last year's ‘Another Life or Two' EP, the newest one features the previously released & reviewed singles "Laughing Now" and "Been Around" plus the hitherto unheard (unless you have caught them live) "The Glaze" and "Garden at Noon".

You can see why those tracks were selected for their roles: having already told you about the singles, I'll leave you to revisit the reviews to refresh your memories, but as far as the two "new" ones are concerned, they are subtle, for the aficionados rather than with the hook laden immediacy which might ensure that a song is plucked out as a single.

And what a contrast too. By now, despite only a limited number of releases, Green Hands have demonstrated an impressive range, both emotionally and musically and "The Glaze" and "Garden at Noon" offer yet more additions to their continuum.

The latter is another instant earworm, working its way into your mind via seductive, lush melodicism. The term "evocative" might have been coined wit this song in mind.

The band are currently touring (they've played Brighton & London over the past couple of nights) & I'd be interested in audience reaction to this song in particular: to me it has the potential to be that song which represents the emotional zenith in a set: when lighters used to be waved around but still the moment when everyone there feels at their most communal. I look forwards to finding out if that's true or not. I'd also be totally unsurprised if it ends up on myriad playlists (I've added it to both my own one on Spotify and our "Hot Music Live Presents" one).

"The Glaze" on the other hand is much starker (though gentle in tone) to begin with, before evolving into a most agreeable groove (which helps it transition into the following "Laughing Now" particularly well). It's also the most lyrically elusive of the quartet (though in truth all Green Hands songs possess hidden elements which need your exploration to begin to understand) and so actually ended up being played more times than "Garden at Noon" before writing this: not that I feel particularly confident in trying to describe what it's about even now. Jack certainly gives the impression of profound sincerity however and that in itself draws one into the track.

Generally, ‘Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime' is a fine showcase for the values & attributes of Green Hands: there's that range for starters plus the excellent musicianship which supports & presents songwriting of the highest calibre. In assembling the band, Jack has brought together subtle players who serve the song & in the absence of annoying flashy playing, you only notice just how good & impeccably tasteful they are when you turn your attention to what they are doing. Most listeners will probably say "what great songs" and that's fine: it's what the band are aiming for, but a review can help shine lights upon elements which help make them so & which do not seek the spotlight.

Ever since first hearing them, I've been a big advocate of the band & I've recommended them to all sorts of people: I hope you too will give them a listen. The modesty you hear on record to some extent defines them & certainly their self promotion which veers towards the subtle & discreet rather than the brash or forceful. However the word is spreading and it would seem that they have a following in other parts of the country now. On artistic grounds, Green Hands have every reason to merit much more success and hopefully will make big strides in 2024. Sadly we all know that quality is no guarantee of career advancement, but hopefully growth of their audience will continue to open the doors they deserve to have opened for them & both you & I can play a part in that.

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