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Introducing Everything We Do


It seems high time that we say a little about the newish band Everything We Do since it features Joe Dolman whom we have written about so often.

Joe has teamed up with writer & producer Kaity Rae whom he met some six years ago while he was playing for The Adelaides and she was working with UK Country artists including Lisa Wright and The Shires. Becoming friends and collaborators, Kaity has co-writer credits on some of Joe's singles such as "Drag You Down", "Happy For You", "If You Were Mine" and "The Lucky One" as well as them writing together and playing live together for other artists.

Eventually they had built up a collection of collaborative compositions which didn't have specific artists in mind and in terms of pitching them to publishers they were not sure whether to record the demos with a female or male vocal: which would then possibly limit the potential end users. So they tried duetting and that led them to become Everything We Do.

First public fruits of their writing in the context of this new setting was November's release of their "Real Love To Roommates" single. At this point, honesty & a sense of critical integrity obliges me to raise my hands: I missed it folks & I am sorry to Joe, Kaity and you for not reviewing it. That's a huge shame because not only is a witty and very original song rooted firmly in experience but it's a great showcase not only for how their voices do work well together but for the methodology of their writing. They could I imagine have composed a song with a single lead line with them harmonising, but instead they took advantage of the opportunities of a duet to intertwine dual lines in a conversation: a shared & agreed line for sure but you get to hear both voices clearly and on a basis of equality…. I applaud them for that.

Joe tells me that they are hoping to get the follow-up out in March so that's something for you to look forwards to & I know that I'll be keen not to miss this next one.

On behalf of all you Joe Dolman fans, I put to him the obvious question of what Everything We Do means for his own burgeoning career: and don't be alarmed. Even if the new group is getting his priority for the time being as they get going, he has no intention of dropping his solo artistry: he is writing new material, uploading demos monthly on Patreon and is looking forward already to his 2024 Christmas show in Leamington

You can catch Everything We Do headline shows at:

 The Louisiana Bristol on April 23rd

The Lodge at the Deaf Institute, Manchester on April 24th

The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, on April 25th

and before that, they play their first gig in our area on March 28th at The Kasbah in Coventry in support of Lottery Winners.

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