Hot Music Live Presents Volume 11

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Hot Music Live Presents Volume 11


Volume 11 (opens in BandCamp)

This collection is the eleventh in a series of collections celebrating the inspiring & diverse talent of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians of yesterday, today & tomorrow.

When you have enjoyed the music yourself, please do share the album with others to help promote & support the creativity of these innovative, dedicated & skilled musicians.

The previous ten volumes can all still be downloaded for free from:

“Hot Music Live Presents Volume Eleven” is dedicated to the memory of Gary Kenneth "Gus" Chambers (16th January 1958 to 13th October 2008): one of the great pioneers of Coventry & Warwickshire music. Taking over from Terry Hall as lead singer with Squad, the first punk band in the area to form from scratch, (he sings on all their releases), he was later in other bands including 21 Guns, Grip Inc, and finally Mantra Sect. Read the complete dedication here.

You can find out what each artist is up to on their individual websites or by following "Hot Music Live Presents" & “Hot Music Live” magazine on social media:


Released November 27, 2023

Album compiled by Andy Holdcroft

Executive Producers Paul Englefield & Alan Moores of "Hot Music Live" magazine

Hot Music Live logo designed by Mel Skellon.

Many thanks to every single one of the generous & supportive musicians who have contributed their considerable talent to this project.. The music scene of Coventry & Warwickshire has so many artists of vision, integrity & sense of community: hopefully this project can give a sense of some of this.

Hot Music Live Presents Volume Eleven

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1. Dolly Mavies — "Forgive and Forget"03:20 2. Lauren South — "Tiny Boat"03:46 3. Rebecca Mileham — "Rising Tide"04:03 4. Alys Rain — "Driving in the Rain"03:35 5. Caroline White — "Honey in Treacle Town"04:35 6. The Muthas — "Circles (Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know)"04:41 7. Gdansk — "Long Time Ago"03:24 8. The Loaded — "Into The Mirror"04:46 9. Gutter Puppy — "Cog"02:03 10. Mantra Sect — "Mercytron"05:18 11. Tattoo Molly — "Contraband"03:30 12. Yes Princess — "Conversation"05:14 13. Jakls — "Do"03:39 14. Blind Orbits — "The Time The Tide"03:38


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