'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Eleven'

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'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Eleven'


We are delighted to announce the release of ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Eleven', the latest in a series celebrating the inspiring & diverse talent of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians of yesterday, today & tomorrow.

The songs this time are:

"Forgive and Forget" by Dolly Mavies

"Tiny Boat" by Lauren South

"Rising Tide" by Rebecca Mileham

"Driving in the Rain" by Alys Rain

"Honey in Treacle Town" by Caroline White

"Circles (Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know)" by The Muthas

"Long Time Ago" by Gdansk

"Into the Mirror" by The Loaded

"Cog" by Gutter Puppy

"Mercytron" by Mantra Sect

"Contraband" by Tattoo Molly

"Conversation" by Yes Princess

"Do" by Jakls

"The Time The Tide" by Blind Orbits

 As always, they can be downloaded for free via this link:


When you have enjoyed the music yourself, please do share the album with others to help promote & support the creativity of these innovative, authentic, dedicated & skilled musicians.


The album and all previous ten volumes can be downloaded for free from: https://hotmusiclivepresents.bandcamp.com

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