'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Ten'

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'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Ten'


I'm delighted to announce the release of 'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Ten': I hope that you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I have & appreciate yet more the fantastic original talent we have around us locally.

However as always, the power of the project is in widening this appreciation & helping grow audiences for the artists involved: please do share the link to the album (the downloads are free) and urge all your families, friends & fans to explore HMLP 10. I'm confident that most will find & enjoy artists that they hadn't previously heard....

The delightfully diverse listing for this album is as follows:

"Moving Fast" by HEK

"Howlin' " by Bright Black

"The Shore" by Monastery

"Get In Line" by Septic and the Tanks

"Don't Fall Apart" by Duke Keats

"Stronger" by KC Jones

"End of the Road" by Jono Wright

"Saul" by James Summerfield

"Different Wings" by Downdraft

"Fee Fi Fo Fum" by Four Kings

"Yo' Mama" by The Rollocks

"Snazzy Mollusc" by Stegosaurus Sex Party

"Too Few" by Batsch

"Wasted Youth" by Rewards and Revenge

"Hardest Blues" by Kev Stanley

Very many thanks as always for the musicians who have contributed to the project.

'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Ten' is available as a free download from:


The previous nine albums are still available on the same basis from:


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