Ivy Ash at Warwickshire Pride 2023

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Ivy Ash at Warwickshire Pride 2023


You'll be glad to know that I'm keeping up my record of seeing nearly every Ivy Ash gig ever....

Today was the turn of Warwickshire Pride to be entertained by her infectious hi-energy dance orientated pop & it certainly is material which fits well with the style of such festivals: it's great to witness original music being paid attention to in that way.

The nature of the gig (there was so much for the organisers to get through on stage across a wide spectrum of art forms, speeches etc) meant a short but sweet set of essentially Ivy's greatest hits (every track has been reviewed here), though she pushed the envelope of luck by including "Rain Again".. thankfully, despite some glowering clouds, she didn't summon up a downpour unlike that when Rob Hodkinson of Chasing Deer decided to risk playing "Perfect Storm" at Art in the Park a few weeks ago.

Talking of that other festival & remembering the disappointment of artists being let down by the poor sound, it was great that Ivy had Chris Field at the controls today for a perfect mix, including an impressive bass: ideal for her material.

Ivy was in excellent form, aided by the environment & the technical support: hopefully now her voice is mended after surgery, she'll play much more frequently, even if that inevitably means my percentage of her gigs seen diminishes.

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