Hot Music Live Presents Volume 7

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Hot Music Live Presents Volume 7


Volume 7 (opens in BandCamp)

This collection is the seventh in a series of collections celebrating the wonderful & diverse talent of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians of yesterday, today & tomorrow.


Released Jan 20, 2022

Album compiled by Andy Holdcroft

Executive Producers Paul Englefield & Alan Moores of "Hot Music Live" magazine

Hot Music Live logo designed by Mel Skellon.

Many thanks to every single one of the generous & supportive musicians who have contributed their considerable talent to this project & particularly to Michelle Sciarrotta & Sam McNulty for their key advice & wisdom without which this project would never have taken shape in the first place.

Particular thanks in relation to "Hot Music Live Presents Volume Seven" to Roger Lomas, John Rivers, Ian Todd & Gemma Waddell for advice, suggestions & facilitation.

Hot Music Live Presents Volume Seven

© all rights reserved

1.annA rydeR — "Still Going Strong"03:51 2.The Giraffes — "Lazy Hazel Heart"04:09 3.Brothers From Another Mother featuring Kirsty Brewerton — "Totally Together"03:15 4.Trust Club — "Untelligent Behaviour"03:19 5.Never Apart — "Sick of It"03:42 6.Reiss Pinder — "California"05:44 7.Paul Mccormack — "Thoughts"04:55 8.Paradise of the Titans — "Mermaid"04:16 9.Euan Blackman — "HIGHHIGHHIGH"04:06 10.Ezza Brianna — "Disperse"04:17 11.RobinPlaysChords — "Yoruda"02:54 12.Dan Bygrave — "Mountains"03:53 13.Contacts in the North featuring Ingela Wiklund — "Too Long"04:25 14.The Eyes of Isabel — "Working On Your Chemistry"03:38 15.Avidfan — "SMILE"03:14 16.In Emerald Sea — "A Friend"04:26 17.Lemon Tones — "Peaceful Warrior"07:21


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