Hot Music Live Presents Volume 3

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Hot Music Live Presents Volume 3


Volume 3 (opens in BandCamp)

The third in a series of collections celebrating the glorious & diverse talent of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians of yesterday, today & tomorrow.

You can find out what each artist is up to on their individual websites or by following "Hot Music Live Presents" on social media:


Released April 20, 2020

Compiled by Andy Holdcroft

Album track volume balance with the very kind help of Matthew Cotterill

Executive Producers Paul Englefield & Alan Moores of "Hot Music Live" magazine

Hot Music Live logo designed by Mel Skellon.

Many thanks to every single one of the generous & supportive musicians who have contributed their considerable talent to this project & particularly to Michelle Sciarrotta & Sam McNulty for their key advice & wisdom without which this project would never have taken shape & to Wes Finch for his unstinting advice & encouragement for the project.

Hot Music Live Presents Volume Three

© all rights reserved

1.Danny Ansell & Co — "Heart"03:30 2.Kirsty Clarke — "Suicide Mission"04:00 3.Abz Winter — "Incompatible Me"02:41 4.Rheo — "Down For You"03:01 5.Andy Beglin — "Orange Groves and Wine"03:08 6.Chessi O'Dowd — "Snowflake"03:08 7.Angelo Cardone — "Strange Days"03:05 8.Ollie Bond — "Safe With Me"03:16 9.Brass Hip Flask — "Disrespect"04:10 10.Simon Morgan — "Somewhere Over The Spectrum"04:32 11.Bethany Dyson — "Just You and Me"03:07 12.Deep Sea Divers — "Little Things"05:07 13.Chloë Boehm — "Dare You"05:16 14.Year Without a Summer — "What Happened to the Caterpillars"02:01 15.Tigermask — "Timeless"02:41 16.John Connearn — "First Things First"03:48 17.Satsangi — "You Saw Something"07:32 18.River of the Dog — "On The Come Down"03:59 19.Eight Miles High — "These Days"03:02 20.Ian Todd — "Citizens of Nowhere"03:56 21.Daffod'i'll — "Eye 'n' Eyes"03:12 22.Big Decision — "Head Over Heels"05:57 23.Ubergine — "I Wanna Do It"04:18 24.Kirk Hastings — "Withering"03:46


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