Hot Music Live Presents Volume 1

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Hot Music Live Presents Volume 1


Volume 1 (opens in BandCamp)

The first in a series of collections celebrating the glorious & diverse talent of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians of yesterday, today & tomorrow.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Hilda Woodward (15th December 1913 to 22nd February 1999) pianist with Lieutenant Pigeon. Apart from her role in the band, Hilda was a well known musician & music teacher in Coventry & her home in Kingsway not only provided a base & recording studio for Lieutenant Pigeon but also many other local musicians whom she supported & encouraged. When "Mouldy Old Dough" hit Number One in 1972, Hilda was the oldest female musician to appear on such a hit.

Hot Music Live Presents Volume One

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1.Fall Girl — "Anywhere"03:41 2.Shanade — "Lessons"04:05 3.Two Giraffes — "Clifftop Dreaming"04:32 4.Kel Elliott & Her Three Man Orchestra — "Tell Me A Story"04:03 5.Chasing Deer — "Colour My World"03:08 6.Taylor-Louise — "Put In To Words"04:08 7.Calton Kelly — "Chaos"03:15 8.Blind Faith — "Holly-May"03:28 9.Izzie Derry — "It All Goes Away"03:31 10.Wes Finch — "Jackie's Stone"04:30 11.Kristy Gallacher — "Quicksand"03:32 12.Lieutenant Pigeon — "Hilda's Tonic"03:54 13.Chalk Drawings — "Rag And Bone"04:22 14.The Shapes — "Let's Go (To Planet Skaro)" (Alternative Mix)02:32 15.Phil McWalter (featuring Clare Milne, Horace Panter, Bob Jackson & Rick Medlock) — "I Like Best"02:42 16.Stone Bear — "Bring a Little Love"03:50 17.Clemency — "Pillar To Post"03:17 18.The Folly Brothers — "Here Come The Rains"02:15 19.Caleb Murray — "Portrait of You"03:32 20.The Scatsville Busters — "Where's The Boom Boom?"03:00 21.Some Kinda Earthquake — "Mean 'n' Moody Rockin' Machine"03:31 22.The Jack O'Bones — "I Ain't No Hipster"03:01 23.Deathsex Bloodbath — "Do Better"03:01 24.The X-Certs — "Asylum"02:40 25.The Pristines — "Some People Can't Be Told"03:38 26.The Fairies Band — "Random Boys"04:25 27.Little Girl Screaming — "Bit Late For A Conscience"04:23 28.My Favourite Things — "Syd"04:41 29.Flash Vegas — "On Top of the World"04:34 30.Russian Girlfriend — "Chameleon Boy"03:49 31.Flackoff — "Cocktails at Six"04:03 32.Nisha Madly — "Susan Jones"04:15 33.Saigon — "Needles"03:32


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