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Toneranger meets Eve Singleton

We welcome 17 year old Eve Singleton with news on her forthcoming March EP release. Winner in 2013 of Rugby's Got Talent, competition promoted by Rugby Dunsmore Rotary, Rugby FM and The Vault who hosted the event. In the same year performing solo "The Breakup I Never Had" as a finalist in Open Mic UK, the annual and biggest live search for unsigned acts in the UK. The song itself later recorded for her debut EP "Famous Nobody". Title drawn from the lyric of her song 3AM, itself on the November 2014 release which gathered some fine musicians (Andy Walker - guitar, Nathan Morris - bass, Matthew Cotterill - electric piano, Gwyneth Reid - cello and Sam Hargreaves - drums).

TR: Eve, my fault entirely but I've rarely seen you perform live since the 2014 launch of the EP "Famous Nobody": The occassions I have that spring to mind, both in Rugby are The Loft Sessions at The Style Bar and doubling as curator at acoustic nights held in The Delish Kitchen where each time you have had new songs. So it's good to finally catch up again, before we talk about the new CD launch let's quickly update on highlights of the past 2 years firstly with some of your favourite solo performances on a wider circle.

EVE: The past two years have been incredible for me, I have grown so much as a person let alone as an artist, my songwriting and style have changed immensely. My most memorable gigs have been supporting Edwina Hayes; we first met at The Cresent Theatre, Birmingham where I perform at their acoustic Mondays on the regular. She's a lovely generous lady. During the summer of 2016 I played at Port Eliot Festival, down in sunny Cornwall, St.Germans - if you ever get the chance to go to the festival please do, it's full of fabulous bright colours and endless amounts of talent and workshops. This opportunity came about through ‘LRS Arts' they're along the line in connection with my Father. From the group I got a songwriting session with a songwriter called Crispin Hunt which I couldn't fault and a few weeks later I was on the Ace of Clubs stage at Port Eliot playing my set; when I came off people were asking to buy my CD's which of course is very overwhelming and lovely, not only this but I was also asked to play again the following day! Incredible. Along side Edwina Hayes and the festival, later on in the year I supported Jordan Mackampa at the Sunflower Lounge, who quite literally blew me away, such a gentle voice and beautiful guitar player, could listen to him play for hours. This was the event where I actually found my first support act, Tehillah Henry, phenomenal- you'll have to take a listen.

TR: A hectic schedule and name to check out too. I'm glad you mention attending a song writing retreat being keen to know direction the new songs take, with early influence of Amy Winehouse, How have influences changed over this time ? Where do you find inspiration? How has the genre of music you place yourself in changed?

EVE: I think since going on the songwriting course with Crispin, it has really changed the way in which I write - basically how to make a song commercial, in terms of structure and lyrically. As you know, I listen to all genres and am always, always itching to find new music to educate myself in. Amy Winehouse, she leaves me speechless though I'm moving more into beats, a beautiful gentleman from London, Tom Misch captures this perfectly. Beyond the Groove is the name of his label- he does just that, get's me moving every time. With my most recent songwriting, I have been looking into jazz chords, so a band called Haitus Kaiyote have been very influential on this part. Still being a solo act, I would love to expand to a band title but I may find it all falls into place when I go to UNI.

TR: Alongside finishing school, moving to further education at College in preparation for University, what are you studying? Where do future studies take you?

EVE: Currently I am studying at Warwickshire College, Leamington completing my second year on the Music Performance course. My plan after college is to move to Brighton at the end of summer and study at BIMM Brighton on the songwriting course- since receiving my offer, I am more than excited. It's just a creative place, it will be perfect for me.

TR:The first EP "Famous Nobody" was successfully crowd-funded, same approach or new idea?

EVE: Crowd funding is such a good idea, I got the idea from Wes Finch. It worked just as I wanted, with my fan group pledging money and receiving rewards while I was adding the finishing the touches to the EP. This time around, all funding has been from a pot of money saved up from the paid gigs I have performed over the past few years, this EP will be cheaper over all- as it's solo, that makes a HUGE difference, but every thing is low key and raw.

TR: We've purposely as yet unmentioned the new EP title, enough suspense what is the title of the new EP ? & Where was it recorded?

EVE: Ahh, the title of the EP is, Two (II) the second EP - makes sense right? It was recorded in my back room other wise known as ‘the garden room' because it backs on to the garden. It was recorded here because I wanted to have my material recorded where my songs were all written. I came across Ben Jennings aka. Rambling Records a while back when I held the first Delish Acoustic Night, my self and Behind the Settee swapped EP's, the feel of the record was so real and raw. I wanted that, and from there Ben came to record me, he did so. Five tracks polished in three hours, Bittersweet is my personal favourite!

TR: Clever play with the title, Bittersweet I recall from a Delish session last year and thank you for reminders about Behind The Settee and Ben Jennings-they're duly noted. Back to the CD launch will your performance be solo or have you bought a band together? & Tell us moreabout the supports.

EVE: For the launch I will be solo, just as the EP is. Support wise, I am so very excited! As I mentioned earlier Tehillah Henry, electric, jazz, soul, songwriter… an outstanding performer. And Rainy Day Woman- we were on the same line up at The Merchants back in December, beautiful acoustic duo who I can't wait to see again.

TR: Your obvious enthusiasm is very infectious and I'm intrigued by two acts not yet seen. With the date now a little more than a month away on March 25th, last minute thoughts...

EVE: I'm just so excited, I can't wait for you all to hear it and to know what you like most about the record, tracks and feels. There might, just might be some new merchandise as well. For me? Bring as many people you can. Also a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way really, including yourself.

TR: Eve, thank you very much for your time and good luck for EP launch at The Style Bar on March 25th, The Style Bar, 35 North Street, CV21 2AL, Rugby - mine's a soda & lime.


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