"Stop, Rewind" by Ivy Ash

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"Stop, Rewind" by Ivy Ash


It's a big ask of you I'm sure to remember that back last August I mentioned, during my review of Ivy Ash's debut live performance (at Leamington's "Art in the Park"), that she unveiled a previously unreleased song, "Stop, Rewind" which was destined for release as a single. Nevertheless, that's what has happened & hitting fast forwards just over six months, here it is.

It certainly caught my attention when I heard it (though due to the sheer effort & love she pours into her songs, they all stand out in their own way) and that was reinforced on the day by the hi-energy performance (despite the blistering heat & the event's organisers not having thought to shade the artists on that stage).

Released on an EP which also has her previous singles ("Oops", "You, Not Me", "Third Degree" and "Rain Again" ) on it, all of which can you find reviews of in the magazine, "Stop, Rewind"  possesses that high sass quotient which is such a vital characteristic of the "Ivy Ash" persona & one might marvel at how she is nailing this down: were it not for the fact that we know the song dates back to last year in terms of its conception: where she is right now will no doubt be revealed in due course.

I'm more than happy to go on record to say that each new single is a step forwards as Bethany Dyson adds layers to her creation & rounds her out as a personality: although written before her live debut, one has to raise the question as to what effect (if any) the experience of singing it live gave to the recording: it certainly reflects the bounce & effervescence of what I saw & heard.

Addressing the perennial wish of humanity to have the capacity to turn back time & adopt a different strategy, the singer actually tends to the position of accepting consequences for better or worse but wishes karma might catch up with those who've served her ill. If this sounds reasonably philosophical, Ivy brings it right back into the home with a threat to "spill the tea" which is both endearing in its applying the ideas to regular domestic situations and a reminder that within the work of its writer there is always a strong strand, however well camouflaged inside an ostensible dance track it may be, where she offers advice to help us nurture better mental health. It's a sugar coated pill we have here folks & I think Ivy would not just accept the layers of sugar she's poured on but consider them a vital part of the track.


Check out the accompanying video which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=044t7zXUNvk

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