'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Nine'

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'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Nine'


"Hot Music Live Presents" are very pleased to announce the release of 'Hot Music Live Presents Volume Nine' today.

 Aimed as ever at promoting the original talent of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians, you can download the tracks for free from this link:


 The previous eight releases in this series are also available as free downloads from:



Very many thanks as always to all the participating musicians.

The tracks include artists with international profiles whose work  celebrates the creativity of Coventry & Warwickshire to the world but what is especially striking about ‘Volume Nine' is how it also demonstrates the freshness of the scene: a clear majority of the artists involved this time have only been releasing records for a year or less (there are several debut tracks on the album) & yet have already forged very positive reputations with critics and audiences, have multiple radio plays between them & are clearly harbingers of a brand new generation of top quality local artists emerging before our eyes & ears. We truly live in exciting times.

The artists & tracks featured on ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Nine' are:

Bar Pandora - "Two Colours"

John Shipley and Electrik Custard-  "Where's John Barry?"

Emma McGann - "Love You To Death"

Green Hands with Kate Stapley - "Middle of Nowhere"

Noah Seleno - "Lips"

Katherine Abbott - "Lullaby For Lucas"

Orange River Remedy- "Rollin' On"

Greg Brice - "Together But Long Distance"

Anthony Gliddon - "No Place That I'd Rather Be"

T8PES  featuring Luke Truth - "You Showed Me"

Croissant - "Winter Days (Christmas Song"

Riizbo "Do The Work'

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