"Art in the Park" 2021

"Art in the Park" 2021

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To be honest, as delighted as I was that live music in some quantity was back at an expanded "Art in the Park" (two stages rather than the usual one), as I had such other commitments that I could only spend a few minutes there on Saturday and a couple of hours on Sunday, I wasn't sure that I had enough of an overview to review the event.

However since I see that my colleague Andrew Lock couldn't make it on the Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea to share at least my photos to record the excellence of the acts I caught & which he unfortunately couldn't. I refer you very much to his far superior pictures from the Saturday elsewhere in the magazine.

I am sorry to have missed Titine Lavoix, Stylusboy, Orange River Remedy, Joe Dolman  and Stone Bear but I am now more confident that I'll have opportunities soon. I very much enjoyed (after a two year gap in some cases) seeing the Jazz Apples (Saturday) and on Sunday The Peas, Holly Hewitt from Holly & the Hounds reverting to her solo act on this occasion, Levi Washington, the second of two Chasing Deer sets (this one with special guest Ollie Hayes) and Jake Rizzo. They were all on their usual fine form & if I detected a sense of liberation in some of the performances, it may be more than simply my imagination….



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