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Introducing Monday Nights


I wonder if you recollect Paul Englefield's review of The Empire at the Zephyr Lounge back in February 2016? Well two of that band are now in Rugby based Monday Nights and during the current circumstances still managed to put out their debut single "Flight": it's a shame that this did not necessarily get the attention it deserved (live performance & promotion being not possible) as it is a very imaginative & touching song: at least I hope that this feature can do something to steer your attention to this new group. When you hear "Flight", you'll hopefully be as struck as I was by its gentle & evocative nature, bolstered by somewhat unusual (and tastefully played) instrumentation which is nevertheless arranged with restraint so as to let the delicacy & honesty of the vocals predominate. A heartfelt & earnest tune, it reminded me a little of "Hot Music Live Presents" artists Man Made Moon (in both tone & theme). The band tell me that they have many other songs already written (but are finding recording them currently something of a challenge) so I have yet to learn whether "Flight" is representative of their music generally or just one of a number of styles they play. It will be enjoyable finding this out, whether via releases or live gigs or preferably of course both.

My appetite whetted by "Flight", I contacted Monday Nights from a safe distance to find out a bit more about them for my own, & I trust your, benefit.

"Hello there, we are Monday Nights from Rugby, Warwickshire. Fronted by singer Jacob Palmer who plays a mixture of dulcimer/homemade ukuleles. The bassist is Ellis Pullinger and the drummer Ali Hutton, and for the moment we are currently blessed with Ellis's brother Henry on guitar, doing a marvellous job.  Our influences are a mix of alt rock and folk roots. We try to keep alive ethereal highs from musicians like Jeff Buckley and Nothing But Thieves, while also telling stories and trying to stay lyrically creative in our songs the way bands like The Oh Hellos or Little Comets do. Ellis and Jacob have always had strong links to Muse and their classical influence on writing style, since they used to be in another band together. From a production point of view, we enjoy the way The Wombats/Muse mix traditional instruments with samples and synths."

Have you got any releases planned?

 "We do have plans for more singles across the start of the next year, and potentially an EP. Stay tuned for January or February."


Have you got any live gigs in mind (allowing for COVID19 of course)?

"We did a live stream show as part of a festival at the Benn Hall in Rugby in July which was bizarre. As for coming up stuff we have a couple festivals planned in June such as the 'Rugby Rocks Festival'. We are constantly planning and trying to book things sooner as we've been doing all year, however, we are also frustrated DIY addicts so always planning our own live streams or things to do more quickly. We actually have just done a Facebook gig on the 19th December which showcases some of our new songs, and that will stay up on Facebook for you all to enjoy." 

(Check this out at


Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the local music scene post-COVID19?

 "Long story short, of course optimistic! The politics and logistics are extremely complex to get an event where hundreds or thousands of people are shouting the words out in a small room. Of course even after the vaccine a lot of the venues and pubs that give bands a leg up are struggling or closed. Nevertheless everyone will do what they can to keep going and stay positive, I know our band is."

 Are there any local artists you'd recommend to "Hot Music Live" readers?

"That's tough, we support a lot of local bands we know and are friends with many, and have been in different bands ourselves. However, not too sure where most of them have ended up during this pandemic. We'd have to say our friends Anomaly as we've supported them a few times when this band started performing live and they've released some cracking material. "

  If you had the chance to collaborate with any other (living) musician(s), who would you pick?

 "That's interesting because we have recently been asking around people to have a collaboration with some of the songs we've been writing. We've been planning to record with a local folk/alternative singer called Ellie Gowers for a bit because we think her sound would work nice with some of our stuff. As for more successful people we'd have to give it more thought due to being in the bubble, quite focused on making our new music recently.

 And thanks so much for having a look at "Flight", we appreciate all the feedback and support from you guys deeply! "

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