"Colour of Love" by Batsch

"Colour of Love" by Batsch


It was virtually a year ago that I wrote very favourably about a live performance by Batsch (who are Mason Le Long, Joe Carvell, Matt Rheeston & Andy Whitehead) whom I caught at the APE Night at the Zephyr Lounge. Now I'm pleased to be able to do similarly for their new single "Colour of Love".

This haunting track with a limpid beauty is, they say, "a reflection on how the ‘furniture' of the past informs our present view of life and love" and lies very much at the ambient end of the spectrum of their repertoire,  perhaps just inside the definition of "dark disco" that they use of themselves yet closer in tone to say Banco de Gaia than the Talking Heads style I mentioned last time: it certainly isn't as edgy in style than much of their other work, more contemplative, adrift  on a stream of consciousness, than navigating an urban landscape. The Japan parallels noted by Dr.Um to me last year still hold good though I'd say.

The piece works really well with the visuals in a video  co-directed with Michelle Bailey of Baileyface Productions and filmed at The Tin, so I suggest you check that out here:




(incidentally, if you've not yet seen Baileyface's "Stripey Socks" , then I recommend tuning in here:  https://vimeo.com/280086105?fbclid=IwAR31-FmALJx6UGNqQW-tbrtk1YahQKRIwT3C-5m5HO-V2_Pwq5qerdH276w)



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