Clemency live at the Town House

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Clemency live at the Town House


I expect we all agree that music can actually do things to us & for us: improve our mood & morale, lift our spirits, transform our psyches. When we are talking of musicians of the class of Clemency, whose gig at the Town House in Leamington I attended a few hours ago, the effects are simply enhanced.

Ben & Nina's creation is now into its third year & they have been steadily developing their repertoire, releasing two fantastic singles in "Man At The Station" and "Fly" (both reviewed in "Hot Music Live"), building a substantial fanbase, increasing airplay & playing some exceptional gigs.

They were talking to me about exciting plans for more recording & releases for 2020, yet more live work & it is shaping up to be another great year for them.

One highlight they are already excited about is playing the ‘Folk In A Field' festival at East Walton in Norfolk on July 4th, to be followed by another tour of the Isles of Scilly where they have built up a significant following. There are other gigs in the pipeline which hopefully I can share with you in due course & likewise their new records.

Last night, as I said, their playing wrought its power on me. A comparatively short set, whose elements were all known to me, it went down really well with a full venue. The last two times I'd experienced them live were outside, on the Leamington Bandstand & in the relatively cavernous space of the Band Factory at the Leamington Beer & Music Festival. On both occasions, the space enabled their trademark vocal harmonies to soar & entwine to great effect. However in this much more intimate space, it was something of a different story & I felt that the sound (which was excellent) tended to meld the voices together into a more blended mix, which I felt was an interesting new perspective on what they do so well.

I really look forwards to sharing in all they do in this coming year, and if you haven't heard them live yet, may I recommend that you do? They may well change you as they did me.

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