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I don't usually review artists' websites (in fact I don't think I ever have before?) but why not? They are a crucial method of keeping them in communication with their audience & I think there are correlations between good websites and success in careers.

Now one of the local musicians whose career is definitely on an upward arc, Taylor-Louise, has updated her website at https://www.taylor-louise.co.uk/


Some artists with many strings to their bows opt to compartmentalise their interests & activities: trying to go for clarity & focus in terms of public perceptions of what they do. Taylor-Louise has gone instead for a holistic approach, incorporating all the facets of her life, interests & personality & thus placing emphasis on her entire self, which makes sense as many of the aspects covered on her site very clearly inform her musical writing.

Principally this involves including a section relating to her teaching & another on her great interest in well being. In looking at all sections, I think it does give a helpful overview of who she actually is which will help grow an audience who understands her, while the sections are discrete enough not to confuse issues nor obscure the musical area.

Navigation of the site is simple & the sections provide very clear information on gigs, releases etc with effective links for example to upcoming gigs, for purchasing records & a simple contact form  for lessons, energy healing sessions, tarot readings etc.

As is very much her style at gigs and on social media, Taylor-Louise is candid & upfront on her philosophy & the emotional background for her art on this website. If you are already a fan, this site should enable you to get the most up to date information on your favourite artist. If you have just come across her work live, or heard her on the radio, or maybe a friend has pointed you in her direction, the site also offers you a good entry point into all things Taylor-Louise.

Look out too for the latest single from Taylor-Louise "Generation Now" taken from her EP "Black Heart" which I look forward to reviewing in this magazine in the next couple of weeks.

You can catch Taylor-Louise live on May 11th (Old Leamingtonians RFC), June 1st (the Old Tramway, Stratford), June 6th (the Fat Pug, Leamington), June 22nd (Kineton Music Festival in, you guessed it, Kineton), June 28th (Temperance in Leamington), July 5th (the Lamplighter, Stratford)

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