The Bonnevilles at the Zephyr Lounge

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The Bonnevilles at the Zephyr Lounge


Many thanks to Stuart Smith of Leamington's Seismic Records for a heads-up about an upcoming show he is promoting at The Zephyr Lounge on Saturday 25th May 2019 with the headliners being The Bonnevilles


Stuart has of course worked with this superb band before: one memorable gig in recent years being with local icons the Shapes.

With their brand of Garage Punk Blues, Andrew McGibbon Jnr and Christopher McMullan, respectively a deeply soulful vocalist, delta surfing guitarist and powerhouse drumming man-mountain, the Bonnevilles have earned a reputation as one of the most incendiary live acts in the country. Their sound is described as "Hound Dog Taylor and RL Burnside using Black Sabbath's equipment" (Trash City).

They have toured all over the world & and have played shows with T Model Ford, Scott H Biram, Bob Log III, The Black Diamond Heavies, Kid Congo, The Fall, Pete Molinari & more recently Sleaford Mods

Renowned for their blistering hi energy live shows you can view them here:


Support comes from one of the Bonneville's own favourite bands, Brighton's Mudlow (check them out at and at

"Mudlow play the soundtrack to the dark worries... when you can't sleep at night! There's trouble everyday!
The dread of a flat tyre on a country two-lane road at ten o'clock at night, where you can still be seen.
Somebody's at the back door, there's a lady at the bar you used to know, and she's strapped,  ...and a jukebox plays a Mudlow album." ~ Rick Saunders.  


Also on the bill  are The Big Sugars are from Coventry, who have played on Stuart's bills before and you may have seen them at one of Johnny Satsangi's APE nights at the Zephyr

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