Morocco Dave at the CET Popup

Morocco Dave at the CET Popup


It is a huge shame that the superb opportunities for performance that the CET Popup has offered are only lasting a short while: though plans for a successor venue in the old "Elephant" building at the Sports Centre are very much looked forward to. In the meantime, the latest in a growing line of gigs by the real cutting edge of local music here was a performance by Morocco Dave: a doyen of the local electronic scene. You may well have caught Dave at one of the events last year to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of Delia Derbyshire: and it is firmly into her tradition of experimental yet deeply humane music that he falls.

Dave  builds some of his own instruments and uses a wide range of digital & analogue keyboards etc live to create rich and moving pieces. Today, as he does, his entire live performance was improvised. However if you'd like to check out some of his recorded work, why not visit his page He also has a piece "You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here" on the latest volume of "Alternative Sounds" ( and it was interesting to note so many of the "Alternative Sounds" team at the gig, including producer Martin Bowes whose band ATTRITION are another leading electronically inclined group with a high critical reputation.

What else I like about Dave's approach to music is that he has created a video explaining & demonstrating how he created "You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here": check it out at

It's an excellent venue: I recommend that you visit it while it is still open (ie the next fortnight) and I recommend Morocco Dave to you also..... You may watch him & enjoy as people did today, or dance as others did or simply immerse yourself in his soundscapes. All possibilities exist & are permitted when he plays...... You may even learn some new things as I did.

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