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Well groomed and matching wall of sound Rob (keys & vocals), Alex (lead), Chris (acoustic) and Adam (cajon & percussion) collectively 4 parts of Chasing Deer (bassist Dan on holiday) visit The Merchant's Inn bringing a charismatic rock based set for good measure.

'Riptide' opens a fine choice of covers ranging from Springsteen favourite 'Hungry Heart' to stamping as their own a clever working of Green Day's 'When I Came Around'.

'Streets Of London' beckon for business driving force of trio of Rob, Adam and Chris making the capital centre of full time career with plans to deliver new album of originals (as yet untitled) in follow up to 2015 EP "Rewriting History".

Describing themselves as Alternatitive Rock, expect also some (pinching early tagline of now national radio brand) soft rock favourites, Amy Macdonald's 'This Is The Life' heralding arrival of perfect party band.

Heartily recommend Chasing Deer answer to search for any function or corporate event.

Example setlist (normally booking includes 2/3 45 minutes personalised to suit budget).

Riptide Hungry Heart Maybe Aint No Sunshine Blame It On Me Half The World Away Aint Nobody When I Come Around Step Into The Light (original) This Is The Life


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