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August at the Tump Folk Club

Here's some info from Karen Orgill about what she has lined-up at the Tump Folk Club ...

"... we are having a series of concerts, ‘Ian Bland & Friends', in the ‘Nashville-Round' style, featuring solo, group and jam-along performances from as many of Ian's friends from the local music scene as possible. I had deliberately kept August free so we could do this relaxed, friendly and fun music nights with Ian:

11th Aug ‘Nashville-Round' featuring Bill Bates, Brian Phillips and Ian Bland, more guests t.b.c.

18th Aug ‘Nashville-Round' featuring Cliff Hands, Jools Street and Ian Bland, again, more guests t.b.c.

25th Aug ‘Nashville-Round' featuring John Montague, Hannah Tobin, Chris Tobin and Ian Bland, his last Tump before heading back to Australia."

Karen also (secretly) told us …

"I like the Tump guests to enjoy the evening as much as the audience, we are respectful, informal, and hopefully a welcoming and friendly club. I kept August free so we could try and get people in to play, friends of Ian's and the Tump, who Ian hadn't managed to get to see gigging during his visit, and to make some really good events before he goes home at the very end of Aug.

Ian Bland will take a lead role on 18th Aug at Tump and play a more m.c. and backing musician role on 11th and 25th ‘rounds' ".

The fabulous photos were supplied by John Wright, from WilsonWright, who regularly feature at the Tump Folk Club. They are (from top to bottom, left to right) of Ian Bland, Colin Squire, Bill Bates, Brian Phillips, Cliff Hands, Jools Street (a.k.a. Tile Hill Billy) and Chris Tobin.

Keep up the great work you do for our local music community Karen and John, it's really appreciated!


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