Shanade 2014

Shanade 2014


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"Give Me Space" by RSB & Shanade


I do try hard to get as much information about the new releases I review in the magazine as possible: after all the purpose is to recommend something ...
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Shanade: Artist of the Month at Coventry Music Museum

The latest Coventry and Warwickshire artist to be selected as "Artist of the Month" at Coventry Music Museum is Leamington based singer-songwriter ...
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Wrongmass (part 1 of 2)

100% APE Promotions put on some great shows at amazingly low prices.
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Shanade EP launch at the Zephyr

Powerful, punchy songs delivered with passion and style.
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Shanade at Art in the Park 2015

Shanade Morrow stood in at short notice with a fine acoustic session.
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Shanade 2013

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