Hot Music Live Presents Volume 10

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Hot Music Live Presents Volume 10


Volume 10 (opens in BandCamp)

This collection is the tenth in a series celebrating the inspiring & diverse talent of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians of yesterday, today & tomorrow.

When you have enjoyed the music yourself, please do share the album with others to help promote & support the creativity of these innovative, dedicated & skilled musicians.

The previous nine volumes can all still be downloaded for free from:

You can find out what each artist is up to on their individual websites or by following "Hot Music Live Presents" & “Hot Music Live” magazine on social media:


Released August 28, 2023

Album compiled by Andy Holdcroft

Executive Producers Paul Englefield & Alan Moores of "Hot Music Live" magazine

Hot Music Live logo designed by Mel Skellon.

Many thanks to every single one of the generous & supportive musicians who have contributed their considerable talent to this project. The music scene of Coventry & Warwickshire has so many artists of vision, integrity & sense of community: hopefully this project can give a sense of some of this.

Hot Music Live Presents Volume Ten

© all rights reserved

1.HEK - "Moving Fast"04:48 2.Bright Black — "Howlin' "02:54 3.Monastery — "The Shore"03:37 4.Septic and the Tanks — "Get In Line"02:49 5.Duke Keats — "Don't Fall Apart"03:11 6.KC Jones — "Stronger"03:49 7.Jono Wright — "End Of The Road"03:05 8.James Summerfield — "Saul"03:38 9.Downdraft — "Different Wings"04:27 10.Four Kings — "Fee Fi Fo Fum"04:32 11.The Rollocks — "Yo' Mama"07:07 12.Stegosaurus Sex Party — "Snazzy Mollusc"04:21 13.Batsch — "Too Few"03:53 14.Rewards and Revenge — "Wasted Youth"04:41 15.Kev Stanley — "Hardest Blues"02:47


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