"Totally Together" by Brothers From Another Mother featuring Kirsty Brewerton

"Totally Together" by Brothers From Another Mother featuring Kirsty Brewerton


Fresh out today is the song "Totally Together" by Brothers From Another Mother featuring Kirsty Brewerton and recorded at 14 Records in Leamington.

It's particularly apt for it to be released today as Kirsty is not only one of the BBC Coventry and Warwickshire "21" (as is Hot Music Live Presents/Hot Music Live favourite Ace Ambrose) but she is one of the several Lady Godivas processing through the city of Coventry on what is shaping up to be a rather hot day it would seem. Best wishes for hydration to them all.

If you have heard "Slow Clap Back" by ‘Hot Music Live Presents Volume Six' featured artist Aaron Woodhouse then you'll certainly recognise her soulful vocal style which is so prominent on that excellent track.

However we can't concentrate purely on the vocal guest: Brothers From Another Mother are a most interesting project by Matt Waddell of 14 Records and Dave Williams ("Huggy") whose DJ skills and massive collection of vinyl provide samples for Matt to add fresh digital beats and to remix. You may remember their infectious take on "Walking on Sunshine" which they brought out in 2018 (described by a highly respected member of the "Hot Music Live" community as "..a summer banger").

I suppose what we could do with is another "summer banger" for 2021: I think we have earned one don't you? I completely understand the magnificent range of lockdown capturing songs which have reflected experiences over the past year, so why not now something which might do the same for any sense of release happening? Something we can listen to in ten years time & it will take us back to the summer of 2021 and bring back those happy memories we are about (I trust) to create?

Well Matt, Dave & Kirsty have certainly given it their very best shot & this certainly fits the bill. To be honest I can't remember the last time I described anything as an "anthem" (it's one of those words tragically over used & misused in reviews) let alone a "dance anthem". Well this is. No doubt about it.

It has all the elements we require, we need & what we might expect from this team. It's grounded in a timeless dance tradition which should ensure that it has a life beyond 2021 yet has been brought right up to date with contemporary touches so it doesn't sound passé. Kirsty's vocals are spot on: soulful, uplifting and putting across the message we need to hear. I'm not entirely sure where this society is going to go post-pandemic, nor what shape the immediate live music scene will take. While I find the anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist tendency somewhat alarming to be sure, I think that far more people have drawn the lesson from recent months that what we ought to do next is continue supporting each other and reinvigorate a sense of community which perhaps might have drifted until recently. Let's face it, music is good at promoting this, especially at live events (when they are possible) and through dance music especially. To that end, "Totally Together" has grasped the zeitgeist by the scruff of its neck and will certainly be part of the soundtrack of our summer.

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