"Alternative Sounds: Volume Two"

"Alternative Sounds: Volume Two"


Another very proud moment for the team at "Alternative Sounds" who  can now announce the tracklisting for Volume 2 of "Alternative Sounds": more of the cream of Coventry & Warwickshire music, past, present & future.


Wild Boys; "We're Only Monsters"

We Are A Communist "The Silent Bugler"

The Flys "Program"

Mysterious Monks "First Call At Dawn"

I "I Am I"

Digital Dinosaurs "The Sideways Man"

ENGRAM "Karl Marx"

Resurrection Men "Regular Parrot"

Tracey Skarzynska "She-Devil-She-Machine"

Johnny Wild and the City Centre Shakers "What Could I Do Now?"

Octogoth "Mundania"

Warriors of the Dystotheque "We're Taking Control" (featuring Pop Will Eat Itself)

Blush "Seven Years"

Stress "Elizabeth Selwyn"

Stavely Makepeace "I Want You Want Love"

Polly Bolton "The Lake Isle of Innisfree"

Rod Felton "Take Me Away"

King of the Alps "You Smile"

Keith Fabrique & the Missing Links "Inside Looking Out"

Courtiers of Fashion "Courtiers of Fashion"

Morocco Dave "You May Not Be the Coolest Person Here"


Pre-orders of the album are now being taken at


with a free download of the Wild Boys track at:


We are also proud to dedicate "Volume Two" to the memory of Rod Felton (24th August 1942 - 26th March 2014) and John Millar Thomson (14th January 1959 – 15th October 2013) ("Johnny Wild Boy")

Many thanks to Phil Rooney of the Empire for sponsoring "Volume Two" and Johnny Satsangi who has again designed a marvelous cover which features the Empire

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