New Music - Eva Gadd - The One - a soulful ballad for the year's end

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New Music - Eva Gadd - The One - a soulful ballad for the year's end


Alone but not lonely, The One lights a beacon for singledom
THE ONE - by Eva Gadd   
Song Release date: 24/11/23, Genre:  Soul Pop / Adult Contemporary


"Cos  I know you won't appear, and the end of the year is nearing, so I'm saying I'm the One..."
The One - an exquisite new song from Eva Gadd will resonate with anyone who has been alone, especially during the holiday season.   With a voice described as 'mesmerising' by BBC Introducing's Sarah Gosling,  against a backdrop of acoustic piano, bass and harmonies, Eva's delicate yet soulful jazz inflused vocal is soothing and comforting, while its lyrics reassure and empower.

"I wrote this song a couple of years ago, and have always felt it needed an understated acoustic recording which was lucky enough to secure at Woodworm studios where Stuart Jones worked his magic on the track.  I love the simplicity of piano keys, and have added layered vocal harmonies and a bass guitar to set the chilled tone and contemplative mood of the melody."

On first listen, The One sounds like a sad song, but really it's about making peace with yourself, self love, closing chapters and looking forward.  It describes being single at a time when everyone else seems to be coming together to celebrate, and instead of waiting for that special person to come into your life before you can be happy, the message is that you can choose to be 'The One' for yourself.

"Reflecting on a past experience when I had waited a long time for a person who I thought would choose me, instead I arrived at the freeing realisation that you can give to yourself anything that you are waiting for someone else to provide " says Eva.

The One is an unashamedly nostalgic and soulful listen, perfect to put your feet up to on Winter 's day, whilst mulling over coffee, or cosy moments curled up in front of the  fire.  

Growing up in Kineton, Eva went on to study Popular Music at Stratford on Avon College. Her soul inspired pop songs lend themselves equally to simple and pure acoustic renditions or full on neo-soul jazztronica productions. Her recent collaborations with Grammy award winning producers  Blue Lab Beats  ( 'Breathing' and 'Get It') have charted in Europe and been picked for Spotify editorial playlists including New Music Friday, Fresh Finds UK and Jazz UK.

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