Love + Madness Music are looking to help local emerging artists

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Love + Madness Music are looking to help local emerging artists


Pandora Craig & Sam McNulty will not be unknown names to many readers in terms of issues such as their artistry (both for example feature on "Hot Music Live Presents") but a first for them is their new joint venture which will benefit many others on the local music scene & that's why I'm delighted to support it..

This is a record label called Love + Madness Music and has Arts Council England funding backing as it aims to offer local emerging artists a chance to develop their career.

The first project is for an EP to be released in December called ‘Who's Blue'

Pandora & Sam are asking artists to submit tracks for inclusion on the EP: successful ones will receive professional (re)recording so the submitted track need not be to that standard.

Not only will they be on the EP, but the artists in question will receive mentoring, professional photos & video of the track plus a chance to play live at the EP launch at HMV Empire in Coventry.


If interested, email them at or scan the QR code in the photos with this article.

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