Wrongmass (part 2 of 2)

Wrongmass (part 2 of 2)

Continued from "Wrongmass (part 1 of 2)".

It was now time for Satsangi. The audience, now at its peak, was ready for action! Su, with her snake-eye contacts in, and the boys did not disappoint. I am happy to announce, punk definitely ain't dead! Satsangi also treated us to some material I hadn't heard before.

Check out Satsangi here:

The next act was Grassroutes. How is it that I'd never seen this band before? They have a reputation for great live performances and I now understand why. Joined tonight by Custass Finnigan on trumpet and vocals, I'd describe their performance as energetic, comedic, tuneful and entertaining. If you like Ska that rocks, then keep an eye on our gig-guide and make sure you catch Grassroutes live somewhere soon!

Grassroutes links:

The last band on stage was Dissident Noize Factory with their techno/gypsy/punk. Picking up on the energy left by Grassroutes, DNF kept the crowd bouncing. This is a new band and it was their first gig - very impressive! This techo-punk brainchild of George Biddlington (formerly of Electric Spivs) consists of drums, bass, guitar, violin, harmonica. Once they got into their stride it was hard for them to stop, certainly the dancers wouldn't let them!

Dissident Noize Factory links:

NB: The DNF photos were courtesy of Thomas Wilson (aka Toad Hall)

A great night! Johnny has told me that the next 100% APE night is booked for March 18 - highly recommended!


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