Benefits for Ukraine

Benefits for Ukraine


For reasons which no-one reading this will fail to grasp, the thoughts of everyone at the moment are with those in Ukraine and unsurprisingly, the sense of community I detect & report on so frequently in the magazine has led to a series of benefit events being arranged.

 The first one is on Friday, starting at half past seen and is at & organised by the Arches venue in Coventry. Admission is £5.

Totally appropriately the headliners will be Coventry's own Cov Kozaks, all of whose members are from the local Ukrainian community & hence have relatives & friends currently suffering the horrors of invasion.

I have not yet reviewed this most interesting band but this, in a most unfortunate way has spurred me on, so look out for my upcoming one on their most recent EP, the extravagantly named ‘Put Your Faith in the Sword and the Sword in the Polka', recorded during lockdown but whose release so coincided with the start of hostilities that it's hard for them to focus on promoting it at present, though the launch event which turned into a fund raiser resulted in £4,500 being generated.

The band, (who comprise Alex Kosmirak on accordion/ vocals, Dan Barskyj (guitar/vocals), Zenon Dzula  (accordion), Stef Fedeczko  (fiddle), Andy Maslanyj  (bass) and  Andriy Buniak  on  drums plus newcomer  Anna Lytwyniw on sopilka (a traditional Ukrainian instrument akin to a wooden version of a tin whistle)) generally take their own approach to traditional Ukrainian folk song  lyrics, with a basically folk/rock approach, though incorporating styles such as ska to reflect who they are. This has forged them a national reputation and they regularly support touring Ukrainian bands & have even played in Ukraine itself with great success.

On Friday they will be joined by Stef Hnylycia on bass as unfortunately Andy can't make it.


A further gig to also raise funds for Ukraine will be on Sunday 27th March at the Albany Theatre from 1300 to 1715 & 1900 to 2030. Tickets costing £9 for all day or £5 for each session are available from the Box Office via 02476998964 or

Artists donating their time & talent include  Pauline Black who will be performing an  acoustic set, Jack Blackman, Wes Finch, Kristy Gallacher, Keith Donnelly & Lauren South, Hatstand, Meet on the Ledge, Rob Halligan's Homeward Hie, the Kevin Dempsey Trio and a great many more to boot, though sadly not Cov Kozaks who though invited are unable to assemble that day.


I'm sure these will be far from the only such events & I'll try & let you know of others when I hear the details.

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