Irish Music Exhibition at Coventry Music Museum: input welcomed!

Irish Music Exhibition at Coventry Music Museum: input welcomed!

After the tremendous success of the 2016 exhibition, "On Bass, Sir Horace Gentleman" at Coventry Music Museum, 2017 will see an amazing new one "Live & Die: A Celebration of The Enemy". However Pete Chambers BEM, the founder and curator is already working hard on the next one. 2018 will see "From Emerald Isle to Sky Blue City: how the Irish put the craic into Coventry music". This will look at the incredible influence Irish music & musicians have had on the sounds coming from both Coventry and other Warwickshire towns & communities. In preparation for this, Pete is requesting input & stories from musicians & music lovers from Coventry & Warwickshire. He would love to hear from you if you would like to contact him at


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